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"Your lives have ended / how you use your new lives is entirely up to me / that's the way the cookie crumbles." How would you react if your life was suddenly over and you were put into a room filled with weirdos? How would you react when you are sent on a mission to kill aliens? Such is the premise of Gantz. Press on to find out why this movie is so good.

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masterabbott3922d ago

This looks like a good movie. i might go pick this one up.

LinkageAX3922d ago

It's worth the money, as the reviewer says "Gantz: Perfect Answer is one of my favourite films of this year, and it has only just begun. "

Jahan1283922d ago

tae kojima is so cute <3

masterabbott3922d ago

I have to agree with Jahan guy on this comment, she is very cute .... KAWAI!!

scoobydoodoo3922d ago

Very cool looking movie...