IGN - The Walking Dead: "Judge, Jury, Executioner" Review

IGN - Perhaps this was history repeating itself. In the fall, the best episode of the first half of Season 2 of The Walking Dead, "Save the Last One," was followed by the weakest, "Cherokee Rose." And here we are, a week after the excellent "18 Miles Out" aired, and we get the especially dull "Judge, Jury, Executioner." Even a notable character death at the end couldn't do much to save this one.

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Soldierone2607d ago

Extremely boring and pointless episode.

Spoilers below, if you haven't watched the episode don't read any further.

They spend the entire episode crying about an obvious decision. three of the people knew things that ensured the death was needed, but no one speaks up? Not even Shane?

They FINALLY make you like Shane. "Ugh come on already!" EXACTLY how I felt when their bickering dragged on and on through the whole episode. Then it all goes to waste for some "twist" ending...Now Dale doesn't have to see the consequences he created, and his entire plot is thrown out the door. I wanted to see Shane standing there "look at what you did" And according to the comics his character actually helped turn another group into zombies.

In Talking Dead some of the people have their head up too high, thats probably why this season has been so dull lol They switch directors, thats why some episodes (like the previous 2) are awesome while these ones might as well be a soap opera with one zombie. I noticed this director has only had 1 zombie in every episode he directs. and his scene with Carl snooping through Daryls stuff was terrible lol

alycakes2607d ago

When did you finally like Shane? I must have missed that part.

Have to agree with you on the boring part until the end when Dale gets attacked.

Soldierone2607d ago

This whole season he has been saying "I HAVE to be a douch in order to get things done." This whole episode he was just standing by going "see what I mean"

No one stepped up to say "This HAS to be done" and every time Rick did, Dale would throw a fit. Thus we ran in circles the entire friggin episode. At one point when Dale speaks up in the house Shane goes "Ugh COME ON!" and right there is where it clicked. The only reason people hate him is because of Lori, which I can't stand. How hard is it to watch your dang kid, was Carol's perfect example not enough to open your eyes?

Another thing I didn't like about this episode is how it revolved around Dale. So your basically saying when a future episode is centered around one character they are going to die? Next thing you know T-Dog is actually going to speak and have the same outcome...If you can't develop characters correctly, stop introducing new ones.

I also disagree with the whole Carol scene. She acted more childish than Carl did. I agree he shouldn't have called her an idiot, but saying there is no heaven is his opinion and Daryl said something similar and she didnt cry about that. Just because he is a kid he can't speak up?

Lord_Sloth2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Carol didn't cry when Daryl said it because she knew he was only speaking out of anger. What Carl said was specifically meant to harm and belittle her.

I've liked Shane since he showed Ed how it's done in the dirty south. He's my favorite character in the show followed closely by Daryl and Andrea. Still holding out for Michonne though.

We knew somebody was leaving the show since Darabont was removed and we assumed it was the actor for Dale since they were both close friends and he was upset about him being fired. Even more-so by his (Darabont's) death.

I do agree that I wanted Shane to rub Dale nose in his failure and my brother and I actually wanted Dale to die with Shane trying to save him.

Blink_442607d ago

I'm so sick of the friggin farm!

Soldierone2607d ago

Same here. What made season 1 so great was the fact they were never safe. The farm is like having 6 more episodes in season 1 where they all stayed at the CDC...eventually having to leave.

Maybe AMC should cut the budget back down to 7 episode seasons so the writers can't drag on like this....

Blink_442607d ago

The last two episodes before this one were good because they actually went away from the farm, but it looks lime there going to be there for the rest of the season with only having 2 episode left.

Soldierone2607d ago

I agree, that is why this episode was so disappointing to me. It was getting way better, then they go and drag it all the way back down. Its like "seriously, you WERE going in the right direction...."

If they end up leaving in the last episode I will be afraid. That basically means they will have a safe house every season and just leave at the end....its simplistic writing, and that isn't why i liked the show.

alycakes2607d ago

I'm just ready for them to get back on the road and travel a bit.

xVeZx2607d ago

ill never hear dale yell "TAINTED MEAT" and laugh his ass off...i am disappoint

Gamefan122606d ago

yea tell me about it ... some choices they made in the show vs the comic made me question why

xVeZx2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

i think the actor who played dale wanted off the show after frank darabont left...apparently dale is a regular in his movies so when he left dale wanted out...

also now that i had a couple of days to think about it dale was a worthless character in th show anyway...andrea was never going to fall in love with dale...and since that was never gonna happen dale honestly had no reason to live...his plot from the comics was too "unrealistic" for the show i guess...

aDDicteD2606d ago

it was a nice episode, first half kinda boring but it's exciting to see how much the substance of each character unfolds on their decision on randall and the dale's death saved the whole show and was a shocker.

eak32604d ago

I agree it was a slow episode but I enjoyed it. They are starting to beat the the world is different now story to death, whats it 3-4 episodes they've been throwing it in our face? You can still keep your humanity even in the face of the most horrible circumstances. I'm glad they didn't summarily execute Randall, although he's up to something and will probably need to die anyway.