Iron Man 3 Set Construction Begins Under Code Name Caged Heat
While most of the world’s attention is focused on The Avengers, Marvel Studios is quickly making headway with Iron Man 3, which is their next major production. Iron Man 3 is currently in pre-production under the code name “Caged Heat.” has reporters on-site in Wilmington, North Carolina where Iron Man 3 is scheduled to film at EUE/Screen Gems Studios. We’re hearing reports that set construction has already begun. As far as filming, we’re still hearing the target for initial filming will be very early May (with a possibility of late April).

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alycakes2604d ago

Interesting name...I'll be willing to bet that they'll change it before the movie comes out. Lately all these movies keep changing their names.

Soldierone2603d ago

The thing I hate about this is it shows they don't pay attention to the complaints at all. I wasn't a fan of Iron man 2, but looking at it the productions didn't even take a break. We went from that to the other heroes right into The Avengers, and now that slides directly into Iron Man 3....

What if people didnt like certain aspects that could easily change? What if you could make quick improvements? Instead its like Call of Duty and they just rehash everything they have.

alycakes2603d ago

I don't know and I see your point but I'm still hopeful because Iron Man is one of the character that I do like so I'm hopeing that they take their time and do this right.

Soldierone2603d ago

I used to like Iron Man, the first movie was alright. The second was just not my cup of tea. I'd like to see these movies go further into comics, but I doubt it. Eventually we will see a "reboot" like everything else.

But I'm saying there are easy things to change that will more than likely not get touched. I mean a better stories, maybe people have villain input, or how the suit could look better. You see people with really good observations all the time.

Its like people complaining about a gameplay flaw in a video game, but the developers are already making the next title and don't care.