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Weekend Box Office – The Lorax Claims Highest Debut of 2012 with $70.7 Million

The Collider:
We all knew The Lorax was going to be number one, and a big number one at that. But most box office watchers were expecting the animated film to land somewhere between $49 and $59 million on its first weekend – making it easily the biggest debut of 2012. Instead, the adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ classic has earned an estimated $70.7 million from 3,927 locations. Not only is that the third-highest March debut ever, it also stands as the biggest animated feature debut since Toy Story 3. In other words, this is huge.

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alycakes3389d ago

This is really great. Animation is big these days and they are aimed at all ages not just little kids. I myself want to see this one and I like a lot of them but not all.

Soldierone3388d ago

It's surprising to me because I didn't know a lot about it until like a week before lol. I still haven't gone to see it.

Wonder what Disney is thinking right now as their big gamble follows a weekend where an animated movie leads the way at maybe a fourth of the profits they want lol

alycakes3386d ago

What I'm wondering is....will it still be at the top this Friday when John Carter comes out? I know the animated movies make it big because people do like to have something to take their smaller children to see and I know that sometimes they feel like there isn't enough movies out there that they can take their children to. Then when one comes out...the moms and dads come out in droves with their kids to see it...which is good....

Soldierone3386d ago

It isn't pixar or Dreamworks so I don't think it will. I think it will still do well, but I think John Carter is actually going to take the top spot.

aDDicteD3388d ago

that's some high numbers, don't know much about it but it looks like it's good