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Will Ferrell Explains The Origins Of 'Casa De Mi Padre' His Spanish Telenovela Comedy

movies can usually be summed up as “Will Ferrell as a…” and you get it. Will Ferrell as a reporter? That’s funny. Will Ferrell as a NASCAR driver? Also funny. But Will Ferrell as a Spanish soap opera action hero? Casa de mi Padre is a Spanish language film starring Ferrell as a rancher’s son who goes to war with drug dealers to protect his brother’s girl (Genesis Rodriguez). Where, exactly, did he come up with this idea?

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alycakes3395d ago

As much as I can't stand Will Ferrell...I'm going to have to go see this just because it looks hysterical in the trailer.

StarWarsFan3394d ago

The lack of English will alienate many most likely.

alycakes3393d ago

It's got subtitles and it's just the way he speaks the words it's so just have to watch the trailer and watch him.