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MGM Sets Joel Kinnaman For 'Robocop'

MGM has closed its deal with Joel Kinnaman to play the title role in Robocop, the remake that is being directed by Jose Padilha, helmer of two action packed Elite Squad films. Strike Entertainment partners Eric Newman and Marc Abraham are producing. Josh Zetumer wrote the script.

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alycakes3394d ago

Well at least this is a done deal and they can move on with the rest of it. It just seems like everytime they decide to make a movie it takes forever to select a cast. By the time that's done....a whole year has gone by.

contra1573393d ago

Without Aronofsky im very skeptical on this project

alycakes3393d ago

Maybe but I'm going to give it some time before I least until I see a trailer on the film.

contra1573393d ago

Never said it would 100% definitely suck , def going to need a trailer I make me feel better

OSIRUSSS3393d ago


StarWarsFan3393d ago

I think more important will be how Robocop looks than who is underneath the suit.

ngecenk3392d ago

i hope this time they put something on the goddamned mouth! seriously, bothered me a lot! SHOOT THE MOUTH FFS! ;p