American Horror Story Season 2 Brings Back More Actors, No Ghost Story

At PaleyFest in Beverly Hills on Friday, March 2 Ryan Murphy the shows creator made some announcements about American Horror Season 2. Murphy announced that a total of 5 cast member will be returning to the show.

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Best-Horror-Movies2606d ago

I'm really excited for the next season of American Horror Story, it will be interesting to see what they do with our a 'ghost story'. I'm also glad the the story will revolve around Jessica Lange, she is a fantastic actress.

alycakes2606d ago

I might even keep up with it a little better than last time. I hate that it interferes with some of my other shows. I have to record so many things sometimes.

Best-Horror-Movies2605d ago

I end up buying or DVRing most shows and watching them later, it seems like all the good shows are at the same time.

Sugreev20012605d ago

Tell me about it.I do the same thing,only I prefer buying TV shows instead.In the past month,I've started watching Justified,Boardwalk Empire,The Borgias,Community and Sherlock (UK).At least I won't be bored for a while.

Blink_442605d ago

One of my favorite shows

Best-Horror-Movies2605d ago

Mine too, I like THe Walking Dead better though.

TextualBeef2605d ago

Best show ever! I'm glad he said that Ben Harmon will probably be back in the future cause he was my favorite..