11 Horror Movie Survival Rules

The horror genre often exercises enough clichés to summarize it as a single cinematic branch that operates as one big rhetorical answer rather than question. So many unique blueprints have been established within the jurisdiction of horror that few original visions are birthed these days, and while a select few filmmakers have managed to syphon creativity and transfer that to print, at the core of these projects still resides a firmly established guideline to survival.

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Best-Horror-Movies2606d ago

Horror movie rules crack me up, the rules are always broken in an effort to go out side the typical horror movie formula.

Blink_442606d ago

Lol some funny ones there

Best-Horror-Movies2606d ago

#11 is my favorite, can't be cheap on the shoes.

aDDicteD2605d ago

nice rules, 100% agree on that one

Soldierone2605d ago

lol it is pretty funny, but if you think about it some of them are actually realistic.

tough guys never survive, if your killing people you should take them out first while you still have all your energy and power. they are the first threat. and anyone wondering alone is an easy kill, end of story lol

My favorite is number one because I never understood the whole sex while every one is dying thing lol....If I was ghostface or whatever id kill these idiots too haha