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This week, CTO Lynne Zappone trades in her business suit for a company uniform as she works with employees of Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen. She meets some unique people, but was the outcome really fair?


Douglas Finch has responded to this article!!!

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2608d ago
pajustinm2608d ago

I have updated the article with a response from Popeye's. Thanks to everyone who has read and voted for this article!

Soldierone2608d ago

Keep pushing it if you can. don't get into legal troubles, but make this a big deal. They are obviously hiding something, otherwise why not say that he was rewarded for sure and was happy? See if he has a contact or something perhaps?

Honestly the whole "we can't say" thing is BS to me, they can say something they just don't want to. If it was because he was doing something nice and doesn't want the reward then I'd be fine with it, but they don't say it was because HE wanted it hidden.

pajustinm2608d ago

I totally agree. Something's really fishy about this. I'm currently watching the episode again to get the name of the Church Douglas works at so I can try to get in contact with him for his side of the story. Although there may be a possibility he was forced to sign an NDA for the church to receive the donation.

In the meantime, all I can ask is that this gets spread around as much as possible, not for my website's benefit, but so it can get mainstream enough that Popeye's can't keep skirting around the issue.

Thanks for taking the time to read it and for your input. It really means a lot!

Soldierone2608d ago

Personally I am a nice guy. I go out of my way to make someone else happy all the time. I always put other people first. Unless of course they are a douchbag to me lol

However with that being said I get walked on all the time too. I get screwed out of things that I wanted, and it sucks. Especially when you realize the person doesn't even deserve to have whatever it is afterwards, or they turn around and treat you like crap. That is what happened here. they didn't HAVE to give him anything, they knew they could get away with what they did, and they did it.

This is why a majority of nice people are not nice anymore and this world sucks more and more every day. People are nice, they get treated like crap, so they decide to stick up for themselves and be like everyone else. That saying "nice guys finish last" is pure truth in 90 percent of scenerios with strangers.

pajustinm2608d ago

Just got the information of the church Douglas works at. It's called "Warriors Center" in Memphis Tennessee. I'll leave them a message in hopes that I can get a quick interview with Douglas and possibly get more info on the matter.

morkendo232607d ago

glad you added that justin moody
hope douglas say the TRUTH what really happen.

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