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'House' Co-Star Jesse Spencer Set As The Lead In NBC's Drama Pilot 'Chicago Fire'

House co-star Jesse Spencer is looking to stay in primetime as the lead of another drama series. Spencer, who has played Dr. Robert Chase on the Fox medical drama House for the past 8 seasons, is set to star in the NBC drama pilot Chicago Fire. On Wolf Films and Universal TV’s action-driven drama about the complex and heroic men and women of the Chicago Fire Department, Spencer will play the lead, Matthew Casey, a firefighter at Firehouse 55, a natural leader who is in his element when on a rescue or putting out a fire but in his personal life, he is grappling with a recent separation from his wife.

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alycakes3395d ago

It's a good thing he's not wasting any time finding a job. He won't have one after this season of House. I always liked his character in the show and I will miss some of them but I think they should stop while they're ahead.

I hope his new show does well...I don't know yet if I'll be watching yet.

mindedone3394d ago

I agree, I hope Hugh Laurie can find work/isn't typecast.

StarWarsFan3395d ago

It sounds like a solid premise.

gaffyh3394d ago

I actually think that this show sounds terrible, because of the focus they put on his "personal life" in the synopsis. The firefighter premise sounds good, but I can't see it doing more than one season.