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New Trailer for 'The Avengers' Sets iTunes Record with 13.7 Million Views in 24 Hours

The Collider:
To the shock of no one, lots and lots of people watched the latest trailer for The Avengers over and over again. Marvel Studios announced today that the new trailer has been viewed over 13.7 million times in the first 24 hours of its debut, setting a new iTunes record. It should be noted that the first trailer for The Avengers broke the previous iTunes record for views in a 24 hour period, which itself was eclipsed by the first trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. It’s probably safe to assume that this 13.7 million views record will be broken by the next trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which itself will most likely be broken by yet another comic book property. This is the digital age and nerds are king.

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alycakes3394d ago

WOW! That is a lot. I know I saw about 5 times that day but that is a lot for 24 hours. I am really hoping now that this movie blows me away like no other.

aDDicteD3394d ago

well it's one heck of a trailer no doubt about it plus a huge fan base well its going to set that millions of views

alycakes3394d ago

Yes it does. As much as I want it to hurry up and be here...I think time goes by so fast that before you know it 2013 will be here because May is almost half the year gone.

krazykombatant3393d ago

This should be destroyed when DK:Rises trailer is released

aDDicteD3393d ago

i agree, i think TDKR is far better

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