LRA: Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie - Digital Download Review

LRA writes: Who the hell are Tim & Eric? That was the first question that crossed my mind the first time I saw the trailer for their new movie. I don't really keep up on internet comedy sketch shows because let's face it, everyone out there has their own show at this point and it is very difficult to differentiate between what is worth while and what isn't. So I generally just don't bother looking and figure if it is something I should pay attention to that it will eventually make its way to me. That technique has served me well...until now that is. Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie has been self labeled as demented, hilarious and insane. That trailer I saw seemed to convey that message pretty well and got me interested in seeing what the hell this thing actually was. I like demented, I like hilarious and I like insane as long as they are also smart. Despite having what some might call a sense of originality to it (which I would not be one of those people) I found the film to be strangely unfunny in almost every possible way to the point of near insanity. I don't think that was the type of insane they were shooting for though.

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