Fox Moves 'The Finder' To Friday, Pushes 'Hotel Hell' To Summer

Displaced by new drama Touch, Fox’s The Finder will finish its freshman run on Fridays. The Bones offshoot was originally slated to air its entire season on Thursdays. But Fox recently announced that its high-profile midseason drama Touch will get the post-American Idol slot beginning March 15. So The Finder‘s last Thursday episode will air on March 8. After a brief hiatus, the drama will resurface in the Friday 8 PM slot, beginning April 6 for its last 3 episodes of the season and likely series. There, it will replace the latest Gordon Ramsay series, Hotell Hell, which will now premiere in the summer, possibly paired with one of the the other 2 Ramsay shows, Hell’s Kitchen (I can see the promos already — A Night Of Hell on Fox) and MasterChef.

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alycakes2610d ago

I don't mind that they are moving The Finder...I like the show and I'll still watch it on Fridays...(I have no life). As far as the time slot...that may be a problem if it interferes with Supernatural but then one will have to be recorded....and The Finder is that one.

As for Hotel Hell....I don't think anyone needs to see more of Gordon Ramsey and his yelling and screaming on tv but I may be wrong and some of you may just be loving this idea of him remaking each his own.

Soldierone2608d ago

Some reason I knew that Hotel Hell had something to do with Ramsey and all I did was shake my head in disgrace. If you have "BBC" literally all they play 24 hours a day is something from Ramsey, so if you like him that much get that channel....

StarWarsFan2609d ago

Touch seems like an intriguing new show.

alycakes2609d ago

It is...did you see the pilot? It was really good and I'm looking forward to it a lot.