4 Ways to Fix the Oscars

From TMP:

The 84th Annual Academy Awards have wrapped up and the general consensus from most people is: it was okay. Personally, though, I hate that the standard for judging what should be the biggest event in the film industry, is by how it 'sucked less' than the year before. This should be an amazing and fun event for all people who are passionate about film, not just those who work in it. The show has been such a bore though, so I've thought of a few ways to fix the Oscars, and bring them back to where they should be.

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2607d ago
Garethvk2607d ago

I would make lobbying the voters illegal and Bob and Harvey Weinstein have buying Oscars down to an art form. Do not allow studios to wine, dine, and gift the voters.

Soldierone2606d ago

I don't think that is preventable. There is nothing you can do about it. You say "you cant pay them off" then they will turn it into "your taking my freedom away!" and end up getting the general public to hate the acadamy by spinning it in a negative direction.

It happens everywhere there are awards, and its a bit sad. The only thing the acadamy can do is put people in place that wont get affected by such actions.

Soldierone2606d ago

I have to agree.

They are stuck up and thats one reason I don't like it. Thats one reason their nominations and awarded movies normally suck to the general public. When a movie wins an Oscar i don't care, and I should. It should be an award stating "you will like this" not "we liked it and dont care what you think."

Also always wondered, why is the bigger movie event of the year have nothing to do with movies? Sure they bring in things only movie people appreciate, but in terms of an average viewer there isnt movie announcement, trailers, or anything. I mean look at the video game awards, every year it comes "major gaming announcement!"

StarWarsFan2606d ago

I think they've had that apprehension about allowing movie trailers just so it gives the Academy some credibility and not make it look like a sellout, make the Oscar look like it can be bought by the major studios or only make it a night for the big names and money. As for more entertainment, I think that's what the Cirque du Soleil performance was meant to be this year.