Taylor Kitsch: The Next Action Hero

Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch is being touted by Macleans magazine as possibly the next action hero. In just the next few months he will be on the big screen in no less than three different action movies: 'John Carter', 'Battleship', and 'Savages' (a new Oliver Stone movie). Hit the click through to see more info on this new actor and an interview with Macleans.

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CPO2606d ago

Kinda seems like a Marc Singer look-a-like eh! :-)

Soldierone2606d ago

Dunno, Disney already has their hands on him. Look at what they did to The Rock and even Vin Disel. Those family movies are so easy to make.....

alycakes2606d ago

I always thought that if they do go ahead and make The Crow...he would make a good Eric Draven. He was the only one that I could think of at time that would probably be right for that.

StarWarsFan2605d ago

This movie isn't tracking so well so far.