'Game Change' Scribe Danny Strong To Adapt 'The Lost Symbol' For Sony Pictures

Danny Strong, who wrote the Jay Roach-directed HBO films Recount and the upcoming Sarah Palin pic Game Change, is stepping up to features. Sony Pictures has set him to write The Lost Symbol, Sony’s third installment of the Dan Brown-penned thrillers focusing on symbologist Robert Langdon. The expectation is that the film will be directed by Mark Romanek after Ron Howard opted out of directing the third film, with Howard producing with Imagine partner Brian Grazer after he helmed the blockbusters The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. Grazer produced the first two films in the series with the late John Calley.

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alycakes3400d ago

These type of books really get me hooked when I start reading them...I usually get bad headaches because I'm really bad about not putting the books down until I finish them..I don't know about this yet but if it's any good...that's what will happen.

I did that with the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and then with the Hunger Games books...what I should do is just not start reading.

StarWarsFan3399d ago

I loved enjoying Angels & Demons more than The Da Vinci Code. I was surprised how much better it was.

alycakes3399d ago

I liked them both and I see in my mind what I think the movie would be like while I'm reading.