Crave Online Review: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

CO - Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel's 1971 children’s book The Lorax is one of the famed author's only overtly political works. It is, in no unguarded terms, about the easy squandering of natural resources in favor of money and fame. The title character, a little orange furry gnome, serves as the conscience for a faceless character called The Once-Ler, who would chop down and consume every last tree in the valley to make a new miracle product he calls a thneed. The Once-Ler destroys the valley, and, as fashions change, becomes a hopeless pariah, sitting alone in the wasteland he created. The book is told in flashback to a young boy who is enlisted to plant the world's last remaining tree seed. The book is most certainly polemical, very powerful, and, like much of Seuss's work, well known and well-loved by generations of children.

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alycakes2605d ago

This might be fun to go see just to get away and do something different.

Soldierone2605d ago

We are going because it looks pretty funny. The commericals keep showing something new and each time its funny, so thats a good sign

Soldierone2605d ago

I don't understand how this specific scenerio is "political." To me it's common sense. You take all the tree's out, people will miss the tree's. You let big corporations run how things work, this will happen. period.

alycakes2605d ago

Everyone always tries to make something political out of these movies...I just don't pay any attention to them.

Soldierone2605d ago

I noticed it a lot, but things like this go right to our actual politics. It's like "honestly, we need to pay people to argue over common sense?"

Sahil2605d ago

am surprised this movie got 3 out of 10, I mean seriously.. It's not that bad.

Nes_Daze2604d ago

Movie critics are too harsh.