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CinemaBlend - The 10 Movie Parties We Most Want To Attend

CB - This weekend, producer Todd Phillips and his cast of unknown young actors will be trying to convince us that the party in Project X is the place to be. Sure this party in this movie looks depraved, from the midget in the oven to the naked girls in the pool, but any good movie fan knows that cinema history is crammed full of parties you want to attend, whether for the glamour factor or the awesome story you'd have when you got through the night. From refined events with murder happening in the background to the high school graduation party to end them all, so many movie parties have a way of making you feel like you're right in the middle of the action-- or secretly glad you get to watch it from the safe distance of your theater seat. Below are 10 of our favorite movie parties, so don your togas or ballgowns and grab your red Solo cups-- and if the cops show up, turn the lights off and pretend nobody's home.

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