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Did Hines Ward Fall Victim To A Dark Knight Rises Curse? says

Because of various tragedies and unfortunate events that befell the stars of The Dark Knight, there was an internet rumor several years back that The Dark Knight was cursed. Some of the tragedies blamed on The Dark Knight curse included the death of a special effects technician in a truck accident during a Batmobile test run, Heath Ledger’s death due to an accidental prescription drug overdose, Morgan Freeman’s hospitalization due to a car accident, and Christian Bale’s arrest after a dispute with his mother and sister.

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mindedone3395d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if this list was the norm for film trilogies

Soldierone3395d ago

How come there are only entertainment curses in football? You don't see NHL cover athletes completely sucking do you?

StarWarsFan3394d ago

Overdosing on prescription drugs you take at your own will, and having a dispute with your mother and sister are because of a curse?