Warner Bros. Unveils Harry Potter Wizards Collection 31 Disc Blu-Ray/DVD Set

CBM says

Featuring 8 Blu-ray discs, 8 DVDs and 2 Blu-ray 3D discs, this pricey set will bring each of the Harry Potter movies into one ultimate collection. Hit the jump for details and a first look at the packaging.

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Crazay2608d ago

A 31 disc box set for 8 movies? That's insane.

JL2608d ago

So is that price. I don't see anybody paying that price for it, especially since there are still copies of that Harry Potter Years 1-8 box set still on shelves. Maybe it's just a placeholder price created by Amazon, though, and it won't really be nearly as expensive.

Crazay2608d ago

I dunno man. I'm pretty sure that price is right in line with what they'll be charging.

aDDicteD2608d ago

yup, a $350 box set don't know if it'll be worth the grab ... but still it looks cool

mindedone2607d ago

Yea, 350 seems right in line, and there are people out there fans enough to pay it. I was gonna say stupid enough, but to each his own. I'm sure if there was some ultimate transformer set that was an actual transformer* I'd think about throwing down that kind of money too.

*G1, not the live action movies

aDDicteD2608d ago

that's really nice, it's a must buy for those harry potter fans out there

DarkBlood2608d ago

and they said they were pulling the disney vault on this pffffffffffffffffffft :P

StarWarsFan2608d ago

The pricing is beyond ridiculous. And if you have Blu-ray, why would you want the DVD format? It should be cheaper for fans and smaller than 31 discs.