First 'The Hunger Games' Clip Completely Ignored

Bloody Disgusting says

We've been keeping our coverage of Lionsgate's The Hunger Games to an absolute minimum until we know exactly what kind of movie it is. With the studio excluding genre press, I'm getting the feeling this will be more "teen" than the original promise of Battle Royale meets Running Man. Still, it looks kind of cool.

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Crazay2606d ago

Awww They omitted a smallish detail there. I hate when that happens.

Soldierone2606d ago

Was it just me or did it feel like that entire scene was made like a television scene? The way the camera cuts and the sound to it.

Yeah I know its just one scene that is put out of place, but I really got that vibe from it.

StarWarsFan2605d ago

It doesn't look like the most-superbly filmed movie.