EW 'Awake' Premiere Review: Did The Show Put You To Sleep, Or Intrigue You

Entertainment Weekly:
Awake has a premise that’s complicated to explain but was easy to follow when you watched it. Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter; Brotherhood) stars as a cop who was in a car accident with his wife and son. When he comes to, he thinks his son Rex died and his wife Hannah still lives. But when he closes his eyes to sleep, he enters an equally believable reality in which his wife died and his son lives. He toggles back and forth between these two states and quickly discovers that he just does not know which one is real. (Or if both are?) (And when does this guy get any rest?)

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alycakes2608d ago

I have to say it was very interesting. I liked it and I'm probably going to continue watching it if they can keep it interesting. I don't know where they're going with this and I'm wondering if and when it comes to an end if it's going to do something stupid like he's dead or in a know like Lost did at the end of their series.

mindedone2607d ago

That's the problem with shows with amazing premises that haven't actually thought of their resolutions. Lost producers spewed us some BS about there being a master plan, but there was none. Subsequently they wrote themselves into a hole (pun not intended.)