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Movies Hate You Too writes:

Amanda Seyfried has shared the limelight in several successful films but she has yet to carry a film on her shoulders that has been considered a bona fide hit. She’s tried her hand at starring in films from many different genres including R-rated sexual thrillers, teenage horror, sappy romantic dramas, and even teenage fantasy but none have catapulted her anywhere near the level of success her breakout role in Mama Mia! earned her. Now in a move that I can only describe as the “Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” maneuver Seyfried is now trying her hand at a genre that has elevated actresses like Jodie Foster, Uma Thurman, and Ashley Judd from moderately well known actresses to worldwide superstars. Unfortunately for Seyfried I don’t think this picture is going to do much for her except further illustrate to film executives that she is not a bankable star.

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