AMC Reveals Huge Spoiler For The Walking Dead by Accident

Someone at AMC made a huge mistake and pretty much spoiled the rest of season 2 of The Walking Dead. A advertisement for the cool looking zombie head Blu-ray case for The Walking Dead Season 2 below appeared on AMC. It also gave a description that gave a huge spoiler away a little too early.

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Best-Horror-Movies2610d ago

This is exactly what I thought was going to happen. What a huge mistake for AMC, I wonder who is going to get fired.

vickers5002609d ago


Some douche (DaddyJah21) has apparently already spoiled it in the comments section below, so I advise you to cease reading any more of these comments.

JL2609d ago

First off, nobody reveal the spoiler in the comments. I'm not reading it, and I'm sure others won't appreciate it either if they're trying to avoid the spoiler.

That said, I'm not reading the spoiler, but that set does look pretty awesome. Might actually have to pick that up.

Soldierone2609d ago

I agree, I was so close to pressing that button! I'm doing my best to hold off, but man that set looks amazing I have to have it....I don't want to find it though lol

Best-Horror-Movies2609d ago

The box set does look great and for $100 I just might pick one up once they are on sale. It looks like a 3 dimensional zombie head on top of the box set of 4 disks. I think it is the coolest box set I have ever seen.

alycakes2609d ago

That would look so cool sitting on my movie bookcase and my kids and our nephew would be so jealous if I got that for myself and not for them.

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