Movie/Line Review: Project X, Made For Those Who Find The Hangover Franchise Too Sophisticated

I’m pretty sure I ruined the night of a pair teenage boys huddled in the back row of a recent screening of Project X, a party disaster movie targeted at kids who find the Hangover franchise too sophisticated. All I did was sit down beside them, but I may as well have poked my head up into their treehouse. Girls ruin everything, especially the unmitigated enjoyment of a new Todd Phillips movie. A few seconds after the lights when down, as a shrill junior impresario named Costa (Oliver Cooper) started shouting 2 Live Crew lyrics about wanting pussy, the one beside me began twisting in an agony I came to enjoy much more than the movie we were watching.

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Soldierone3401d ago

Sounds like a very stereotypical "teen party for popularity" movie that is film with a hand camera....which seems to be the "we can just re tell the story now" excuse for things.

Will I see it? Probably on DVD.

aDDicteD3392d ago

it's having low reviews so far