Mondo Unveils Fantastic Triptych Poster for 'Back To The Future'

The Collider:
While I’ve come to expect great things every time Mondo unveils a new poster, this morning they revealed what might possibly be my favorite one yet. The collectible boutique arm of the Alamo Drafthouse announced an extraordinary triptych poster for one of the most popular film franchises here in nerd-land: Back to the Future. The poster set, by Phantom City Creative, features three posters (one for each film in the franchise) that when lined up side-by-side form the DeLoreon. In addition to the three separate posters (sold as a set), they will also make available a variant of the posters that combines all three. The set of three will run you $88 while the variant costs $120. The posters will go on sale at some point tomorrow, and are sure to cause a frenzy over at Mondo’s site. I would do terrible, terrible things to get my hands on this poster set.

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alycakes2608d ago

I didn't even know they were doing a Back To The Future movie...when did this happen? Have I been under a rock?

JL2607d ago

There is no new movie. They often create Mondo posters for older classics.

alycakes2607d ago

Then I haven't been under a rock...or maybe I have for not knowing any better....duh!