On The Set: The Rewrites, Evolution & Accents That Come With A 'Five-Year Engagement'

The Playlist:
Last year, during filming for the upcoming “Five Year Engagement” The Playlist joined a group of press to visit the production on one of it’s more beautiful locations, a vineyard in northern California. While there, we had the opportunity to sit down with the film’s impressive ensemble cast, as well as get a sneak peek as their characters attended an engagement party for leads Tom and Violet (played by Jason Segel and Emily Blunt). Following are a few hints on what to expect from Nicholas Stoller’s third directorial effort when it premieres at Tribeca Film Festival this spring, before arriving in theatres on April 27th.

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alycakes3391d ago

I love Emily Blunt...she can be funny and she can do drama so well. Jason on the other hand can only do funny. I don't think I could ever take him in a serious role. I don't know much about this movie but I already know it's not really the type I usually go see so I'm not sold on it yet.