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Just How Crazy Was The Men In Black III Production? Let The Director Tell You

The Playlist - If you've been following the production of "Men In Black III" to any small degree, you'll know it has been somewhat of a debacle. Despite it being a decade since the last outing for Agent J and Agent K in a vastly inferior sequel to the original movie, it was decided that a third outing would be a good idea. We think the studio logic here is that if you put Will Smith in it, they will come.

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alycakes3399d ago

I'm sure they had their bad day and a lot of them too. It would be very difficult filming movies like this.

StarWarsFan3398d ago

I hope this one is better than the last sequel. The franchise deserves to be back in quality black.

StarWarsFan3398d ago

It was way too short. The first was just so much better and really played off the partnership between Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The second movie just seemed to focus on Will Smith for the highlights.

Blink_443398d ago

I'm most excited to see jemaine!