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New 21 Jump Street Redband Clip

IGN - An undercover Jonah Hill gets violent with a sweet old lady in a shoestore in this exclusive clip from action comedy 21 Jump Street.

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alycakes3396d ago

I'm going to see this but I'm not going to like run to the movies to see it. I'll wait a while and get some others in that I've missed first.

StarWarsFan3396d ago

I don't have a opinion either way on this movie. Nothing has won be over and nothing has repulsed me.

MySwordIsHeavenly3396d ago

Ok. They have me with Dave Franco. He's freaking hilarious!

I wasn't terribly excited for this film. In fact, I was just going to skip it. I like Jonah Hill though...and Channing grew on me after The Vow. (Oddly enough...) The man can't act, but he's very likeable.