‘Killer Joe’ Gets NC-17; Planning To Appeal Rating

Deadline - Another movie has gotten an NC-17. Killer Joe, the Billy Friedkin-directed adaptation of the Tracy Letts play just got an NC-17 rating. That is one of the first releases by LD Entertainment, the new distribution company started by Mickey Liddell and run by David Dinerstein. They will appeal the rating and it’s unusual; Letts is the Pulitzer Prize and Tony-winning playwright of August: Osage County.This one is a garish, sexy black comedy that stars Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, Gina Gerson and Thomas Haden Church and it’s slated for a summer release.

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alycakes2609d ago

This is going to be an interesting movie. Not just the rating but it will be a different role for McConaughey then what he usually plays.

Soldierone2609d ago

Wish the article would tell us why it got that rating....

Other than that I think ratings are getting out of hand. We see appeals all the time now, and its stupid. With digital trying to push theaters off the market, why would they go to such great lengths to harm it even more?

Based on the comments this somewhat deserves the rating, but between R and PG 13 is touchy too. My mom ALWAYS got mad when I couldn't go see a movie without her holding my hand. Even if she sat there and said I'm here, I'm letting him in, they still said no. Got to a point where we would buy her a ticket, she would walk in with me, sit down, then leave out the exit and take the ticket back before the movie would start. Boy am i glad those times are behind me now because the ratings are so obnoxious these days.

DarkBlood2608d ago

wow that is stupid not like you guys were going to sue them by the looks of it

but whats this about digital "no idea who that is" trying to push theatre off the market? doesnt that make anyone the most money?

Soldierone2608d ago

Digital or VOD (video on demand) are trying to get movies at the same time or before theaters get them. Since those are cheaper, and most people have extremly good home theater systems, there would be little to no need for theaters anymore.

Movie companies make more money off that too since it almost all goes to them, where as theaters take huge chunks out of it.

DarkBlood2608d ago

yikes thanks for the education though lol

i hope to god this doesnt happen, yeah some people may have home theatre experince but i dont plus the average total doesnt plus i doubt many have vod, not sure if roger on demand has it too

but thats just unfair in my opinion when it comes to considering the consumers like me for example im hard of hearing with a implant to help me hear the home set up is useless to me in an apartment since i would disturb people

at least with the theatre i get the experince of big screen and vibration *not to sound too weird lol* that i can pratically feel the movie in some way plus 3D isnt exactly taking off at home and im still waiting for a sony 32 inch 3d tv or a glassless one in this case

StarWarsFan2608d ago

That's a killer rating. Pun intended.