2 Incredible Pieces of Artwork from The Amazing Spider-Man

CBM says

Check this unmissable piece of artwork by talented artist, Patrick Brown.

Featuring Spider-Man and Lizard fighting in New York City and a painting of Spider-man in a cool pose!

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Crazay2610d ago

Thats some awesome artwork.

StarWarsFan2609d ago

I still miss the first three movies' casts.

Crazay2609d ago

I think Andrew Garfield is going to fit this role pretty well. He seems to be a pretty accomplished actor and I think he fits the look. I suspect that many people will kinda forget the last movies though I still quite enjoy them.

mindedone2608d ago

Agreed. Out of the original cast, I only liked Aunt Mae and Norman Osborne

aDDicteD2609d ago

very nice spidey artworks.