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The Hunger Games MPAA Rating and New 60-Second Spot

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While we haven't gotten to see much of the actual Hunger Games in The Hunger Games teasers and trailers, the just-released MPAA rating should indicate that director Gary Ross did not hold back at all. The Lionsgate adaptation has been rated PG-13 "for intense violent thematic material and disturbing images - all involving teens."

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Crazay3401d ago

I really think this movie is going to crush it's competition and I'm pretty jacked up to see how it translates to the Big Screen.

JL3400d ago

I am curious in what context you mean "crush the competition". Though I will say, I think on both a critical and box office level, this is going to be a runaway success.

I know there's comparisons to Twilight with this just due to the target demographic, but I have a feeling this could beat out Twilight in the box office. Or at least be on the same level. By that I mean comparing this to the first Twilight release (wouldn't be fair to compare it to the others). It helps that, I think, Hunger Games reaches a wider audience than Twilight. It appeals to the same demographic as Twilight (maybe losing some due to it being more violence heavy with only undertones of romance), but it also has more cross-over appeal for males and even older crowds.

The movie has been tracking really well too. It won't break any records, but this is going to do well. Lionsgate says it needs to make at least $100 million to justify a sequel. I say it does that in its first weekend alone (once you factor in international numbers).

I think we could be looking at Transformers (Bay's first one) type numbers here. And depending on how the marketing goes over the next few weeks, it could get even higher.

Given the tracking so far, at this point I say there's no doubt it will get at least $65 million domestic on opening weekend. But I predict it will be more like $70 million. With potential to do even a bit more if the excellent marketing campaign continues to ramp up interest.

I also think this will be a fairly good success critically. As such, word of mouth should help it have pretty decent legs. This will be helped even more by the fact that Hunger Games has only minor competition until May when The Avengers drops. So, basically, it has no real competition through the bulk of its theatrical run. As such, I think we could be looking at a $200 million domestic run. Worldwide, at least a $400 million with potential to edge up towards half a billion lifetime if it has the international appeal that I think it will.

Crazay3400d ago

I'd have to agree with you on those numbers. Twilight is horrible and look at what it's done. I actually read this series of books in Mexico last month and found the series to be really good despite who they were really targeted at. While I was down there, i spoke with no less than 10 different adults who also read the series and thought it was amazing. I don't know too many adults besides my sisters in law who actually wanted to see Twilight but I know a whole bunch of them who want to see The Hunger Games.

Shoudl this movie prove to be the cash cow I think it will be, I bet we're looking at another 3 movies with them splitting the 3rd book up much the same why they did for Twilight.

StarWarsFan3400d ago

Solid rating for some mature fun.

Crazay3400d ago

I would have liked it to get an A rating and maybe be a little more violent but then they wouldn't get the true audience the books were aimed at.

JL3400d ago

Isn't Canada's A rating the equivalent of our NC-17? Meaning nobody under 18 can attend, even if they're with an adult?

I think that would be far too overboard. I think PG-13 is probably perfect. Could've got more graphic and grittier with an R rating (our R, not Canada's), but I don't think that would be necessary really. Given the description from the MPAA, sounds to me that it's fine as it is.

Crazay3400d ago


Ya our rating system is a little more liberal than yours. an A rating is 14 and up...So I guess that would translate into an R rating for you guys...Strange really.