Top 10 Movies of 2012 to Get Excited About Not Named Dark Knight Rises or Avengers

WVG writes: It seems like every time you hear a discussion about the upcoming films of 2012 it’s Dark Knight Rises this and Avengers that. Well, we’re sick of it. There’s other movies that need recognition too, so we’re here to give you the rundown on some films that could potentially be your new favorite of the year

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JL3866d ago

No Hunger Games? Or The Raid, Moonlight Kingdom, Amazing Spider-Man, Lincoln, and so on? Any of these could easily replace some of the more lackluster ones on here

ThichQuangDuck3865d ago

My list would be
1. Lincoln Biopic
2. Lincoln Vampire hunter
3. the raid redemption
4. Prometheus
5. World war z
6. Prometheus
7. amazing spider man
8. Avengers

In no particular order, I wish the hunger games was rated R just feels more fitting even though I only read the first book for school and really enjoyed it.

CanadianTurtle3865d ago

I loled at your comment bro. World War Z is a fake movie trailer.

jony_dols3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Karl Urban's Judge Dredd reboot could be a bit of a dark horse for next year.

It's a lot grittier and hopefully won't be a camp leatherfest like Sly Stallone's 1995 travesty!


You're kidding right?
World War Z is a real film, has a $125 million budget, stars Brad Pitt & is due for release on the 21st Dec 2012.

What's has it been like living under a rock for the past 2 years?

ThichQuangDuck3865d ago

@Canadian Turtle

As dols said it is a real movie, I am however nervous about how far it will veer away from the book and whether it will be able to incite the same emotion told from one perspective.

OSIRUSSS3866d ago

its all about Gatsby and Les Mis for me.

Soldierone3865d ago

Not going to lie some of these i didn't know about and look really interesting, and for that reason alone I give the list a hell of a lot of props. It made me slightly interested in World War Z (however the stories of the war description throws me off, sounds boring), Lockout and Looper also sound interesting. I already knew and want to see The Hobbit and Promethius though. The others I probably will wait till DVD.

I still think GI joe and Amazing Spider-Man could have made it to the list :P

I don't know If im the only one or what, but I honestly think the Abraham Lincoln Movie might fail. I don't think it will be terrible, I just don't think its going to be as great as people are thinking. It sure as hell won't be an Underworld.

JL3865d ago

I don't think expectations are that high for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. On the whole, I think the expectations are average, though you have some that highly anticipate it (of course others think it just looks stupid so it evens out). I don't expect big things from it, but I do think it's going to be a fun little movie.

DeFFeR3865d ago

Here's my take: Moviemakers see the "success" of twilight, and primarily see the female audience. Vampires are MANLY... They decide who's more manly to fight vampires than Honest Abe?

Script, Audition, Film, Profit.

Soldierone3865d ago

I agree with above, it seems like nothing more than a way to get the males to watch Twilight with a different name. However its that and remember the vampire movie that came out last year that totally bombed?

Underworld was doing things right, then Twilight ruined the vampire world in my eyes. I can't wait for the last movie to come out and be done with already.

spektical3865d ago

not named dark knight or avengers:

well off the top of my head:
hunger games, hobbit, spider man, promethius, lincoln, and the great gatsby.

JTX3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Only god forgives >>>>>>

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