Trailer Trash: Battlefield America

As a confirmed, certified and rubber-stamped movie buff, with my membership card, badge and newsletter to prove it, it’s fair to say that I watch a ridiculous amount of movies. However, even for my ilk and I, there will always be some films that are destined for relegation to the personal dumpster simply from one viewing of the trailer. Man must be discerning in his choices. Either these trailers elicit an emotional flat line coupled with an interest-index of zero, or they result in some kind of unpleasant spasm of distaste which I simply cannot ignore. It’s very hard to ignore a spasm of distaste, let me tell you.

In Trailer Trash (did you see what I did there?), I’ll be inspecting new trailers and explaining why I, and perhaps I alone, will be respectfully declining any opportunity to see more than the allotted two minutes of the movie on display.

Release The Curmudgeon!

Battlefield America...

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