Five Things You May Have Missed (But Probably Didn't) In The Avengers Trailer

CBM - There really aren't that many moments in the latest trailer for The Avengers which you will have missed - in fact, I find it hard to imagine you failed to spot any of the moments listed below! Even so, I still think they warrant some discussion, and the lack of anything particularly revealing was more than made up for by the breathtaking and downright epic action sequences and money shots. Be sure to sound off with your thoughts on these in the usual place as well as anything of any particular interest you spotted.

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alycakes2949d ago

No, I didn't miss much...I watched it about 6 times. I think they all just about hate each other until they realize that they need to embrace what they have and get along in order to save earth.

Soldierone2949d ago

I never really understood that. In the Justice League they had Batman and Superman fight, but get along rather fast, but then throughout the stories the rest of the group had like a grudge against each other.

With the Avengers they constantly didn't like each other. I can understand Iron Man because of his ego, but why do they all do that?

alycakes2949d ago

I think Captain America's problem was resentment that he lost all those years...wouldn't you be upset if you woke up and found out that you'd lost (how many was it)?
Then I don't think Thor really had a problem except that everyone else around him was so pissed all the time and The Hulk knew that he just didn't know if he could control his monster and didn't want to have to take that chance for who knew what he was going to have to face.

I think they all had demons they had to face all inside of themselves but when it came right down to fight for what's right.

aDDicteD2949d ago

epic trailer. i saw it at least 9 times now.