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Indiana Jones and the Blu-ray Collection

IGN - We've waited for years. We've begged. We've hoped. We've prayed. We've even written an editorial about when the series would be come to the realm of HD. And now, finally, Paramount Home Entertainment will bring Indiana Jones to Blu-ray this fall!

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JL3396d ago

This is awesome. If there's any set I would want on Blu-ray, it's this one. I'll definitely be picking this one up. Indiana Jones has to be my favorite franchise of all-time.

alycakes3396d ago

It's up there close to the top but still not my favorite. It's still would be nice to have.

aDDicteD3394d ago

it will be a nice collection to have it. definitely a must for blu ray.. i really loved the first two, the third one was just fair and the fourth movie was okay.