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Fox Moves Touch to Thursdays, Bones to Mondays

IGN - In the wake of taking some big ratings hits lately on Mondays, FOX is changing up their spring schedule. After a strong debut, Alcatraz has quickly dropped and is now lower than Terra Nova's ratings were and even the announcement that this will be the final season of House didn't stop that once-huge series from falling again the next week, in the wake of ever-decreasing viewership.

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alycakes3200d ago

Yeah...what is it with that? I'm used to Bones on Thursday...don't know how I feel about this change. I know I'm watching both shows but we'll see how I figure this out. Mondays are already so busy.

Blink_443200d ago

Thursdays is going to be insane for me. I watch american idol, parcs and rec, the office, awake. ill probably have to skip touch

alycakes3200d ago

Darn...I forgot about Awake starting this week. I want to see that too. I'll have to record two shows and watch one.

kingPoS3199d ago

I'll just buy it off the psn store.
Those HD episodes 'can' be additive.^_^

Abdou233199d ago

I liked the first episode,Kieffer is brilliant.