IGN - The River: "Peaches" Review

IGN - At first I was excited when I thought that this episode, "Peaches," was going to pit the crew of the Magus against the suspicious crew of another ship. I had no doubt that something nefarious was going on over on the Exodus, but I liked the idea of our team throwing down against other human beings. Especially since, aside from his gruff nature, there's hasn't really been much for security expert Kurt to do except use useless weaponry against ghosts.

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alycakes2604d ago

I've been trying to keep up with this show because it's interesting and a little weird. I usually have to watch it after the fact but so far it's just getting more and more confusing. I really don't know how far they can take this show without getting to a point of no return.

Blink_442604d ago

I missed this episode cause I got called into work and totally forgot :(