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Sticky Trigger Entertainment's Will Muscat writes: "So you have all seen our normal Top10 list right? Well we all have an Actor, director or a writer we admire as well, And while we would love to be able to do a Top 10 of them sometimes 10 is just too big of a number. So here I present to you all my personal Top5 Kevin Smith flicks, Picking such a cult icon like Smith I'm sure at least 50 of you are going to be raging by the end of this."

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Crazay2612d ago

I won't flame you for your opinion but where is Chasing Amy? if I was ranking Kevin Smith movies, it most certainly would NOT include Cop Out!

1. Chasing Amy
2. Clerks
3. Clerks 2
4. Mall Rats
5. Dogma

OSIRUSSS2611d ago

Swap Jay and Silent Bob strike back with Clerks 2 and I agree with your list 100%

TwinMachetes2611d ago

As the writer, I personally enjoyed Cop Out before i knew it was a Smith flick.. And I did enjoy Chasing Amy just nowhere near as much as any other Smith film... It's actually possibly his worst movie imo.

Again we did only disagree on one movie, so it's a good hit.

thebudgetgamer2611d ago

I liked clerks 2 but thought it veered too much into a by the numbers romantic comedy.

No love for Red State, that was my favorite movie last year.

Soldierone2611d ago

I gotta agree, Cop Out isn't one of his best. It is just an opinion after all, so we can all agree to disagree.

I'd only change Mall Ratz to 1 and Clerks 2 to 2.

TwinMachetes2611d ago

I must say, I expected a lot of flaming when I did my list up...

but everyone here so far has been mature and sensible with their replies. Top effort!!

Soldierone2611d ago

Yeah thats why I enjoy coming here to talk to everyone more. Once in a while the N4G kiddies come over here and flame the hell out of everything, but it gets cleaned up rather fast by JL lol

Lord_Sloth2611d ago

I didn't care for Dogma all that much, but I loved Mallrats. Never watched Clerks 2 and Chasing Amy. Been meaning to remedy that.

JL2611d ago

I definitely recommend getting to Clerks 2. In my opinion, that's his best movie.

Blink_442611d ago

never seen any of his movies

TwinMachetes2611d ago

You are missing out mate.

JL2611d ago

Really? Wow. Not trying to flame you or anything, just I've never met anyone who hasn't seen at least one Kevin Smith movie. Pretty sure even my parents have lol

But yea, I'd definitely recommend you rectify that.

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