Elizabeth Olsen Offered Female Lead in Spike Lee's Oldboy

Outside of Josh Brolin the casting has not come particularly quick or easy for the Spike Lee directed remake of Oldboy.

Brolin locked in as the lead quite early but the quest for a villain so far has involved names ranging from Christian Bale, Colin Firth and Clive Owen. All have passed for various reasons and the search continues.

For the female lead both Rooney Mara and Mia Wasikowska have been offered and rejected the part and Twitch has now learned that the role of Marie has been offered to Elizabeth Olsen.

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alycakes3248d ago

I knew there had been some problems and it's been a while since he started trying to cast this film. It's a remake isn't it? I don't know much about it though. Josh Brolin is pretty good and now Elizabeth Olsen...she did really well with Martha Marcy May Marlene this last year so that a plus for him as well.

JL3248d ago

Yes, it's a remake of a Korean movie. Honestly, it's a good movie but I think it gets way overhyped by the fanboys of the cult film going crazy just due to the movie taking a twisted turn.

MinimeJer053248d ago

I could see her doing it, but everything is so up in the air at this point. I don't want to get my hopes up!

adorie3248d ago

Seen the movie a long mofo-ing time ago. It's fantastic and I don't care if it seems like a Japanese movie or "copy-cat" it's well done and interesting from it's inception to the finale, which, if you have not seen it, is so Fed up on many levels. LOL. The remake had me in disgust, but Brollin has come a long way from the Goonies to No Country for Old Men. Josh could do this character justice on looks alone, as for Olsen, she looks like she can act, going by the trailers for the upcoming movie; The Silent House. No longer disgusted, am curious and pleased with the casting decisions thus far.