Theater Owners Join In On the Bullying of Harvey Weinstein

If you are unaware of the situation, the Weinstein Company documentary Bully was recently rejected during an appeal to the MPAA to drop the R rating to PG-13 so that the target demographic, teens/kids, could actually watch it. This incited Harvey Weinstein to come out and reject the MPAA rating and reveal that he may stop sending the company’s films to MPAA altogether. Now, it seems Harvey has another problem on his hands.

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barb_wire2610d ago

Yet no one has a problem with Weinstein "bullying" the MPAA to get what HE wants..

And on the flip side - how many kids (really) are going to see this at a theater even if the MPAA backs down?

The only way the target audience is going to see this is if they show it to them at schools.

dead_eye2610d ago

I'm guessing any kid that's been bullied would probably want to see it.

MinimeJer052610d ago

I've always hated the MPAA and this is no exception.

Soldierone2610d ago

Personally tired of how ratings work. I saw an R rated film a while ago, and the entire time I was wondering "why the hell is this rated R?" Turns out it was because they said the F word one too many times...

Okay I understand if a film is like "Eff this Eff that" and their language is extremely poor, go ahead and give it a higher rating. However when they simply say the F word in a tense scene, or it slips up here and there, who cares? You are telling me teenagers haven't heard these words? These movies are friggin based on teenagers talking....

Do I personally curse all over the place? Nope and i've been watching R rated movies since I was a little kid.

Personally feel that there needs to be another rating, or PG13 needs to move to 15. Isn't it kinda sad we can have a movie about people killing each other and as long as they dont curse or show a side boob its entirely fine?

Blink_442610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

good point, kids in school here the F word on a regular basis, i know i did when i was in middle and high school. so hearing it like 4-5 times in a movie shouldnt be a big deal

Soldierone2610d ago

I couldn't go a single day in high school without hearing the word. I never use it in public or to family, but still.

cr33ping_death2610d ago

if anyone here has netflix checkout " this film is not yet rated" documentary on the MPAA. its really dumb how they choose ratings for movies.

JL2610d ago

I've seen that. It is a really good look at the corruption of the MPAA. Definitely something interesting for movie lovers to watch just to see.