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Lincoln? Gatsby? Hobbit? Dark Knight? Which Films Are Oscar Locks For Next Year

E Online:

From the sheer number of stately British actors who have movies slated for this year, 2013's Oscar telecast is already looking ridiculously competitive. But I can tell you who's most likely to succeed. Here's my totally accurate and authoritative list on what will make the short list.

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alycakes3398d ago

I don't know but I've still got a headache from trying to figure out who would win this year....I can't focus on this yet.

Abdou233397d ago

The most boring one will win.

alycakes3396d ago

I have to say...I agree with you on that because the last couple of years that's what happened.

aDDicteD3390d ago

nice article, well most of those are true and surely TDKR and the hobbit will be contenders for sure