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Will 'Dark Knight Rises' Spell Oscars For Batman

MTV News:
We break down the potential nominations for the Caped Crusader in The Weekly Rising.

Believe it or not, when Oscar night 2013 rolls around, Batman could be donning his dress cape and walking the red carpet as a nominee.

Granted, no one has seen Christopher Nolan's final Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises," yet, but it's not entirely outlandish to imagine it could have a big night at the Academy Awards next year. If Nolan sticks the landing, it could mean an unprecedented amount of awards consideration for the beloved series.

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alycakes3398d ago

It's really not that far fetched if you think about it. Read the whole article and you'll see what I mean.

Soldierone3398d ago

They have interesting points, but you have to admit passed nominations and losers have had similar motives and didn't have a shot.

If we get another "The Artist" all hope is lost lol

Soldierone3398d ago

I don't think it will happen. This year the Oscars were supposedly there to attract more people, yet hardly anyone young or within my audience knew any of the nominations or had any interest.

I highly doubt they are going to go from that to awarding movies like Batman the following year. It might transition to that "eventually" but not that fast. I think TDK Rises might get a few nominations simply to grab an interest, but it won't hold any chance to actually win anything.

I mean if Inception can hardly grab anything, a movie based on a graphic novel still holds little to no chance. the acadamy has no respect for this type of movie, an animated movie has a better chance at winning. Thats just my opinion anyways.

IF this movie wins awards there, I will be surprised.

alycakes3397d ago

I know what you mean...The Academy never really looks at what the fans on the outside like. They don't look at Ticket sales and things like that. They want their movies to be more with high class, period pieces, biopics, know what I mean.

Soldierone3397d ago

Yeah I don't know how to explain it. I don't want to say they choose bad films, cus they are not bad. They just choose them for the wrong reasons. The Artist is so fascinating because of its filming and what not, but they didn't bother to award Sin City? Which not only had that same concept but was an amazing movie.

I think a major area of judging should be based upon audience appeal. Who here is going to go watch the artist now? Maybe the movie buffs, but I personally still have no interest in it, it wasn't even in local theaters and while it won its still only made it to one theater here.

However I don't think sales and popularity should rule it either. i dont think Transformers or any of the marvel movies so far deserve awards.