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Mike Tyson Confirmed for Hangover 3

Still targeted to enter production this summer for a May 24, 2013 release, The Hangover Part III is now confirmed to again feature the acting talents of Mike Tyson. The Heavyweight himself let the news drop during an interview that was reported on The Boxing Blog this morning.

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alycakes3397d ago

I can't really say that I'm thrilled about a Hangover 3 but I'm sure the majority of people are so I'm very happy for all of you. I have nothing against it...I halfway enjoyed the first but I didn't find it that funny until the end when they were showing the that was hysterical!

I haven't seen the second so I can't say...I'll get to it some day.

Soldierone3397d ago

I won't be seeing it. You saw the first? Okay now change the person that is "lost" the locations, and the baby to a monkey. Keep everything else the same and there you saw the second one. Was terrible, no one in my group was laughing at all the entire time, and most of us wanted our money back.

If someone here liked it I don't hate you or want to "argue' about why it was good, I just personally hated it and I'm sure this one will be nothing new either.

alycakes3397d ago

I only went to the first because sometimes I have to humor my husband and see what he wants to see...don't know why since he doesn't usually go with me to mine unless it's superhero stuff but still I'll go and that's why I saw that one.

aDDicteD3396d ago

same here, it wasn't that terrible but i agree that there's too much of the same substance, they could have just copied just a little of part 1 but instead the whole plot was copied and it was really disappointing, well im hoping that they will learn their mistake on what they did on part 2 and come up of a much better film

Soldierone3396d ago

The thing is the second one made a buttload of money and a lot of people fell for it. What lesson is there to learn in their eyes? Make money by shooting the same script, why write a new script?

Thats why I won't even bother and will just rent it on DVD or something. If it does happen to change then I will be happy.

Soldierone3397d ago

We loved the first one, couldn't stop laughing and watched it all the time. That's why we went to the second one, and we all hated it. We honestly can't even sit through the first one anymore because of it....

aDDicteD3396d ago

well he is part of the hang over family so it's obvious he'll be on part 3 as well