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FX Sets Premiere Date For Charlie Sheen's Anger Management

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FX has announced the premiere date of June 28th for "Anger Management," starring Charlie Sheen, along with "Wilfred," "Louie" and "Strangely Uplifting." Here's the full press release:

FX will be television's comedy destination this summer with the return of two of its acclaimed original series, Louie and Wilfred, the debut of its new late-night original series Strangely Uplifting with Russell Brand, and Anger Management starring Charlie Sheen, all airing Thursday nights beginning June 28.

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alycakes3403d ago

You know what? I miss Charlie and Two and a Half Men so I'm going to watch his new show and give it a chance, see what it's about, take a good look at all the characters that will be involved and how he'll interact with them. I think one or two weeks will tell me if I'm going to like it or not. If I like it then I'll be watching it just as I did his other show.

Soldierone3402d ago

Not going to lie I like Ashton Kutcher, but he isn't what is ruining Two and Half Men. It's the dull un innovative writing behind it. I know it is because The Big Bang Theory is beginning to suffer from it too, which is a great show and still funny, but its sliding downhill rather fast. (they have almost the perfect Siegnfield rip off, but won't utilize it lol)

Personally feel they just don't know how to write for Ashton Kutcher to work properly. However this new show looks interesting to me and I will check it out simply because Sheen can make things funny. I just hope they have better casting for secondary characters, especially if he dates a lot again.

alycakes3402d ago

Same here. I love Big Bang too...they always make me laugh. Sometimes they do seem to not have the same spunk as they used to but this last week was really good when Sheldon couldn't get his hair cut....I thought that was so outside the box for him that is was a very funny episode.

Soldierone3402d ago

I just hate how stereotypical they are getting. They made Sheldon's roomate (I forget characters names all the time) a total jerk, Penny is turning into a whore (she did it with the foriegn guy? That's like Donna and Fez getting together in that 70's show...)Plus it ruins his character all together. I thought the whole point of those two was they couldn't get laid? But they have several times now.

Just waiting for Penny and Sheldon to get together now lol ( I haven't been watching, I actually prefer to watch it on TBS, so if it has happened my bad)