Mark Wahlberg to Remake Headhunters

Exclusive update from the man himself.

Mark Wahlberg has a complicated history with remakes. While The Truth About Charlie and Planet of the Apes were definite misfires, The Italian Job was a surprisingly enjoyable caper that managed to avoid offending fans of the original (honest, check out its Rotten Tomatoes rating).

He's at it again with his latest movie Contraband, a remake of Reykjavik-Rotterdam, an Icelandic action thriller from 2008. It's already been a sleeper hit in the US with $66m (£41m) in the bank and it looks like Wahlberg is looking to stay on the remake trail for a tad longer.

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alycakes3403d ago

He's a good actor and sometimes he makes the same type of movies but he still has surprises up his sleeves. I didn't think Contraband was going to be good and it was very entertaining and I think it's MW that makes it that way. He just brings that realism to the was kinda fun and scary to watch.