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The Walking Dead Cast as Zombies

What if the cast of The Walking Dead all turned into zombies? What would they look like? The photos show Rick, Lori, Shane, Daryl and Glenn in there zombiefied state.

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Soldierone3398d ago

Pretty good photoshop skills, but I think the actual zombie make up will be ten times more harsh.

Best-Horror-Movies3398d ago

Good point. I wish AMC would do a special showing all the cast members as zombies. Maybe as the TV series plays out we will get to see the whole cast as zombies.

Soldierone3398d ago

Might need a good reason for it though other than curiosity. I mean the show is pushing the budget as is, and getting that done might hurt them lol

Also would the actors all be willing to sit through hours of makeup for that? It would be interesting and I'd love to see it, I just don't think it will happen lol

Corepred43397d ago

If they are getting paid for it they better be willing to sit there and do the makeup! If they do it, I can see it done as a dream sequence. Where somebody is dreaming that they were all turned into zombies and were being attacked or had to kill them all. That'd be the easiest way I can see for an excuse to do the zombie thing to the cast.

Best-Horror-Movies3398d ago

I'm sure your right, but it would be cool.

alycakes3397d ago

I would love the chance to be just an extra on this show or Resident Evil as a zombie. I wouldn't care...that would just be fun like playing pretend when we were kids.

Soldierone3397d ago

They commonly have casting and contests on their site. Of course if you cast only you will have to find a way to get there, but the contests is all arranged for you good luck with that haha

Also all zombies, doesn't matter their screen time or actions, have to go through "Zombie school" which is neat. They teach them how to walk, groan, and bite haha

alycakes3397d ago

With all my aches and pains....I already know how to groan and moan so I'm half way there.

aDDicteD3397d ago

that's very nice,, glenn and shane photos were nicely done