The UK Title for The Avengers Is Now 'Avengers Assemble'

CBM says

In a suprising move, the UK title for The Avengers has officially been changed to Avengers Assemble, plus the UK release date has been moved forward.

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Crazay4048d ago

Why must the UK always make things different? What purpose does this serve to the movie?

Blink_444048d ago

who knows, but this title sounds stupid

alycakes4048d ago

They always have to do things different across the ocean...don't know why.

Paulh824048d ago

It's the same the other way around with UK movies and books having different names in North America. Happens for a variety of reasons, from differences in the way people in UK / US speak to simply because the foreign publisher or distributor wants it changed. .. lots of reasons. In this instance though I can't see why giving the movie a title that makes it sound like the latest LEGO release is of benefit lol.

MinimeJer054048d ago

Avengers Assemble...for a title? Are you serious?!!?

Soldierone4047d ago

Are The Avengers not that big over there? If not than I can see the reason behind the change. Here The Avengers are huge because Marvel is based here.

aDDicteD4044d ago

i dont know the reason why they are changing it, but they have done that to a lot of movies before, changing titles for some reason.