Can Piracy Be Beneficial To Content Creators?

For various social and economic reasons, piracy is as much alive now as ever. But, can piracy be beneficial to content creators?

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Soldierone4040d ago

I think it can be for the simple fact that people purposely put there stuff out on pirate streams to get an interest. "What is this? Why is it so awesome" next thing you know you have a few more fans.

I also think the industries themselves are supporting the piracy effort. Ever get a digital movie legally? Ever buy a PC game legally? Ever get music legally? Next thing you know you try to transfer it to your device and "we are sorry but you can't transfer it to the device due to rights" I had a Zune and this was the most annoying thing in the world, heck even PSP wasn't allowed to play half of them either.

Then there are PC games where you buy it legally and they make you literally jump through hoops and run a mile to make sure it's "legit" meanwhile pirates are playing it without a disc or any issues at all. Music generally sucks these days, no easy way to put it. I hate listening to the radio now, same songs over and over and over. go listen to the artist actual CD and I see why, the rest of it sucks even more.

I think "piracy" at least lets people explore thing when they don't want to. You get a movie and it's actually good, so you go buy it. You find a game you never heard of, so you buy it. You find a CD that actually has more than one good song on it, so you go buy everything the artist ever released. You take that away and fine, they wont watch your movie, play your game, or listen to your music. Why? Because a majority of whats out there sucks in their eyes and they don't feel like paying for it.