J.J. Abrams 'Very Upset' Over 'Star Trek 2' Leaked Photos

MTV says

'It's such a bummer,' Zoe Saldana tells MTV News about pictures showing her, Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto on set.

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Crazay4042d ago

if he was upset about the pictures that were leaked showing a confrontation, then he's going to be savagely pissed off when he realizes that an actual video of the action was nabbed and posted to the web.

Crazay4041d ago

I posted it yesterday. it should be around here somewhere.

Soldierone4041d ago

I am a massive JJ Abrams fan, I've loved a majority of his work (except the later seasons of Lost) and try to watch everything he does. However even he couldn't keep me interested in Star Trek. I don't know what it is, I cannot get interested and like Star Trek....

I honestly tried to watch his Star Trek 3 times, fell asleep twice (I never sleep during movies)and turned it off because I and no one with me liked it the third time lol

Crazay4041d ago

That's blasphemy dude. My wife hates "Star xxx" anything and she adored the last Trek movie. You may have been dropped on your head as a child.


Soldierone4041d ago

Maybe lol I mean it I've honestly went out of my way to try and like this movie and can't. Perhaps I should put it on and skip the first half of it and see if that does anything lol

eak34040d ago

The video was up for a little while before it was taken down everywhere. It was a pretty decent video of them going through the Spock/Villian i.e. Gary Mitchell?? fight. I think the villian is Gary Mitchell due to the black federation shirt he is wearing in this scene. .

Crazay4040d ago

I agree with you 100% on that front. It does look like Gary is the bad guy this time round.